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Practice Development

Through creative partnerships with recognised experts in the field of Christian education amongst children, ceas supports the development of skills in teaching and faith nurture both in schools and church settings.

Ceas has partnered with others in sponsoring, and has itself held day seminars and training sessions across Scotland in past years, supporting Sunday School teachers, leaders of other Christian groups within churches and clergy to develop their practice.

We have found that Barnabas, part of the ministry of the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) provide some excellent resources. These support  leading religious education classes in schools, and religious observance in schools as well as worship with children and in inter-generational settings. They do so in a range of creative, exciting and engaging ways which allow all those who are involved to take part fully, gaining for themselves important learning outcomes.We encourage you to visit their website.

Martyn Payne, who has been deeply involved in Barnabas in Churches and Schools for many years, introduces the ministry and outlines some if its main aims. You may also be interested in Martyn’s other videos on story-telling.

BARNABAS IN SCHOOLS BARNABAS IN CHURCHES We have enjoyed a long partnership with staff at Barnabas and we encourage the use of their resources and services.  You can find out more here.