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Jerome Berryman developed Godly Play as a Montessori tradition of religious education. Many local churches have found its approach powerful and effective in enabling children and young people to connect stories with their experience. Here, Richard knott describes some of his experiences of Godly Play and suggests some principles and resources to take things further. If you wish more information on any of the ideas or activities featured here, contact in the first instance and we’ll put you in touch.

WHAT MAKES IT WORK?  Richard tells a story of his experience of using Godly Play to share a story from the Bible. His experience brought home to him powerfully the effect of Godly Play on young people. A GODLY PLAY SESSION  What elements make up a Godly Play session? How is it structured, and what is the point of the various elements? INTRODUCTION  What is Godly Play? Here’s a quick overview.
WHAT ABOUT THE RESOURCES?  Developing and creating suitable Godly Play resources can be daunting, but Richard explains the assistance available in Scotland, at fairly low cost, to produce high quality materials which can be used repeatedly. WHAT ABOUT MORE INFORMATION?  There are various resources - people, websites and books - readily available and Richard describes some of these here. THE WHOLE CLIP!  Watch Richard’s whole clip on Godly Play here.