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Resources for children’s ministry

Children’s ministry practitioners are looking for places to get high-quality, dependable resources.

Here are some great places to start, specially chosen by leading practitioners from across the UK.

ceas promotes Christian Education among children and young people in Scotland, encouraging everyone engaged in ministries with children, both volunteers and professionals.

ceas addresses major contemporary issues in promoting Christian Education among children in Scotland, working ecumenically as a member of the CTBI Children’s Ministry Network and linking with colleagues across Europe.

ceas supports individuals and organisations to promote projects and research in Christian Education.

Play Church

Ever imagined what it would be like not only to play in church, but to play at church? Claire Benton-Evans, Children and Youth Officer with the Scottish Episcopal Church Diocese of Edinburgh has dreamed and designed such an approach in Play Church. It's a fully-fledged immersive children's experience complete with all sorts of items for use in worship.

In this extended video Claire describes play Church, how she developed the idea and explains why it is useful in enabling children's growth in worship and faith.