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READING for children’s workers

Formational Children’s ministry Ivy Beckwith

Intentional teaching based on the story of God, of the local community, and of the child.

Postmodern Children’s ministry Ivy Beckwith

A new way of understanding children’s ministry for this century.

Mission-shaped children Margaret Withers

Intentionally involving and nurturing the children and young people in the Church.

Welcoming Children Joyce Mercer

A theology of childhood from theological and practical perspectives.

Mega Top Tips Paul Butler

Practical, in-depth advice and wisdom for working with children and young people.

The Fabulous reinvention of Sunday School  Aaron Reynolds

An inspiring new approach for transformational teaching

Boys, God and the Church Nick Harding

A short reflection of the possible place for boys within the church.

Making Your Children's Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kid's Week Sue Miller

Principles and resources for children’s ministry.

All-age worship Lucy Moore

Planning and preparation for all-age worship.

God’s Word, My Voice  Lyn Zill Briggs

Three years of lectionary readings, paraphrased to make them suitable for reading by all ages, together with helpful advice and encouragement on reading in public worship.

Stuff and Nonsense  Gordon Bailey

An interesting mixture of fun, nonsense - and searching - poems and readings.

Ready to Share One Bread  Nick Harding

A useful cross-denominational book to help prepare children for Holy Communion.

The Heart and the Bottle Oliver Jeffers

Children’s story about the dangers of letting grief harden your emotions. May be useful in helping address bereavement issues with children; but a very good story.

Healthy Heads Methodist Publishing

A series of four age-specific portable and pocket-sized cards for children, young people, young adults and for youth workers. Each provides tips on how to stay mentally healthy and information on where to get help.

Churches’ Commitments to Children World Council of Churches

Intended to strengthen churches in their work with and for children by defining common commitments to children across the churches.