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Sharing Practice

We are committed to supporting real-life practice and are producing a range of video-resources where Christian educators across Scotland describe their experiences. These are available on YouTube at the Ceascotland Channel. Each currently available clip is also briefly described here. If you wish more information on any of the ideas or activities featured here, contact in the first instance and we’ll put you in touch.

The video-clips which we have created are available on the following pages. These are accessible through the drop-down selection from the top menu. The video-clips can be viewed either on this site or through Youtube.

We think that sharing practice in this sort of way gives lots of people fairly easy access to a range of views, ideas and examples. In some ways, this might be the modern equivalent of the former Sunday School Union approach, where teachers and leaders in local Sunday Schools met together regularly to talk about what they were doing.

As we develop this resource we would love to include you in it! If you have something you do which you think might just help someone else, why not get in touch with us? We’d be pleased to arrange to come to you, spend some time chatting and filming, and make up clips like these to share with others. Most of the people who have been brave enough to take part have found the experience positive and encouraging - and we deliberately try to make it feel like that.

You might also want to use these clips in training sessions which you are running, perhaps in your local setting. That’s great, and if you can let us know at that you’re doing that, it would encourage us. You might be able to use the clips directly from this website or from Youtube, and that’s fine. If you would like a stand-alone copy of any of the clips, in a slightly higher quality of picture and sound, just let us know. We’ll be happy to get these to you.

We produced a CD-ROM of the clips for the European Conference on Christian Education in Finland, 2013. All the CDs went, but we can make some more and get one to you if you wish - just let us know.

Finally, if you have suggestions for subjects you’d be interested in thinking through, but you haven’t enough experience to talk about yourself, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. We’ll try to find people who can help us all learn more about helping our children grow in Christian faith.