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SHARING EXPERIENCE: Reflections By Vicki Shaver

We are committed to supporting real-life practice and are producing a range of video-resources where Christian educators across Scotland describe their experiences. These are available on YouTube at the Ceascotland Channel. Each currently available clip is also briefly described here. If you wish more information on any of the ideas or activities featured here, contact in the first instance and we’ll put you in touch.

TRAINING FOR MINISTRIES  The developments in children's ministries which Vicki Shaver outlines in these clips makes demands on training for a wide range of ministries in the church. Here, Vicki discusses some of these implications.
WHAT GIVES ME MOST HOPE  It would be easy to dwell on the challenges currently facing ministry among children, but Vicki sees signs of hope, too. Here she outlines briefly some of her hopes for children's ministry in the future.