We are an ecumenical Christian charity in Scotland.

CEAS was established in 1974 and its trustees represent the major church denominations in Scotland. CEAS seeks to promote Christian education among and for the benefit of children and young people in Scotland. It does this through:

1. Promoting clearer understanding of the need for Christian Education in churches, schools, voluntary organisations and family life.

2. Identifying present needs and future possibilities in promoting effective Christian Education.

3. Engaging with others positively in the formation of Christian Education policy and promotion.

4. Providing a focus and forum for matters of debate in the sphere of Christian Education.

5. Promoting the forward-looking and progressive development of resources not otherwise available.

6. Networking interested parties and individuals across Scotland.

7. Supporting leadership, development, training and the provision of resources in the field of Christian Education, through financial assistance from the Trust by way of grant or loan.

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